Dominion Citrus
maximizes the value
of perishable produce

A lot can go wrong with fresh produce between harvesting and the time it is purchased by the end consumer. Dominion Citrus has over 65 years of experience in making sure that everything goes right, that risks are minimized and everyone gets the maximum value.

How do we do it? Through strong relationships, specialist knowledge, and making sure that the produce is in the right place at the right time and packaged appropriately.

For our customers that are international growers, we ensure that the risks are minimized. For our retail customers our global reach helps ensure adequate supply to prevent out-of-stocks.

We finance, procure, sort, package and process foods so value is maximized and the consumer gets product in a variety of convenient formats.

We distribute to retailers and food service operators in all major cities across Ontario and Quebec.

We are leaders in innovation, enticing the shopper with exciting new tastes. We are responsible for a long list of firsts.

Dominion Citrus provides a suite of integrated services that moves produce through the supply chain quickly and efficiently.

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